Can I buy tickets for more people?

Yes, you can. In the glimble app, you can easily buy tickets for more people for the same journey.

How do I add multiple passengers to my account?

Go to the main menu in the app - choose 'my account' - click on 'passengers' at the bottom and add new passengers or remove passengers.

How do I buy tickets for more passengers?

Plan and choose a journey. Click on 'Buy'. Select the passengers you want to add. No additional passengers added to your account yet? Then add new passengers. Choose your class and travel budget, click next and then 'Purchase' to buy your ticket directly.

I have a travel package myself. Can I buy tickets for others?

Yes, the app automatically deducts the amount in your travel package. Your fellow passengers will pay. Does your fellow passenger also have a travel package? Then they should buy the ticket via their own account in the app.

My employer pays for my ticket. Can I also buy a ticket for others?

Yes, under budget choose business travel or commuting. The app automatically deducts the amount from your ticket. Your fellow travellers will pay.

How do I open a gate?

You receive one ticket per person with a QR code. You can find the tickets in the app under 'My Rides'. Open a gate with the QR codes on the tickets using a phone, pass the phone to the next passenger and the last passenger goes through the gate with the phone.