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General information

  • Glimble is a service provided by Arriva Personenvervoer Nederland B.V. (‘Arriva’). Glimble is a trade name of Arriva. Glimble is a platform that allows you, as a user, to plan, book and pay for combined journeys in the Netherlands and parts of Germany and Belgium. You do this with the glimble app. Our platform allows you to book combined journeys run by various transport operators, from which glimble purchases transport services. Arriva has separate agreements with each transport operator regarding the resale of these services.

  • Arriva is established at Trambaan 3, 8441 BH Heerenveen in the Netherlands and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30124575.

  • In booking a paid glimble service, you conclude a purchase agreement with Arriva, under which you are required to meet your payment obligations.

  • These glimble Terms of Service apply to each agreement you, as a natural person, conclude with Arriva when you book a paid glimble service. Specific conditions that apply to current promotions can be viewed at

The glimble app

  • To use the glimble app, you need a smartphone with Android 5.1 or later or IOS 11.0 or later, built-in GPS and a data connection (3G/4G/5G and/or WI-FI). The app is not compatible with other operating systems.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the app has been correctly downloaded and installed and that it works properly.

  • You agree to receive and (automatically) install updates of the glimble app. We do not guarantee that the glimble app is free from errors, bugs and/or viruses. Nor do we guarantee that the glimble app will be modified if it does not work properly or if it contains bugs.

  • You agree that Arriva is free to carry out maintenance on the glimble app at any time.

  • You can view travel options and save journeys with the glimble app. You can receive travel assistant notifications for journeys you have saved. To receive these notifications, you must enable push notifications in the glimble app.

  • Travel assistant notifications offered by glimbleare based on data provided by transport operators. Arriva is not responsible for the content of these sources.

Account and formation of the agreement

  • To travel with glimble, you need to create an account in the app. If you only want to consult travel advice, then creating an account is not necessary.

  • You can create an account and log in to the glimble app free of charge. Once you have logged in with your personal login details, you are free to use the transport services offered at your own discretion. In some cases, you will be asked to provide additional information. This will apply if, for example, you can only use a transport service if you have an approved driving licence.

  • Once you have created an account and activated a payment method, you can purchase travel rights without having to repeat that verification. You are therefore responsible for accessing your account in the app. We therefore recommend that you do not grant access to your account to anyone other than yourself. You are not entitled to a refund if someone else has traveled on your account.The glimble app shows all travel options. These options may include one or more services provided by different transport operators. You are free to book some of these services and not others. You are not obliged to book all services shown.

  • In your account you can select the transport services you want to include among the journey options shown.

  • The cost of the options you can select will be clearly displayed in advance.

  • You are always responsible for keeping your personal login details confidential. Arriva expressly disclaims any liability in this respect.

  • You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the (personal) data you provide when creating an account. You can change your personal data in your profile in the glimble app.

  • You form an agreement with Arriva under these Terms of Service the moment you purchase one or more transport services through your account in the glimble app.

  • When you have completed the payment process for your journey, you will be granted the right to travel for the journey you have booked. The right to travel may consist of a ticket or access to a transport service you pay for afterwards based on use. The period of validity of the right to travel after booking depends on the transport service.

Location based travelling

Using Fairtiq AG's software integrated into the glimble app, you can travel with glimble based on location tracking. When you use this service, the terms and conditions listed in this section apply.

These conditions apply in addition to and without prejudice to the other provisions contained in these ‘glimble user terms and conditions’.

1. Prerequisites for buying electronic tickets

  • You must have a valid payment method available in the glimble app.

  • The mobile phone you use must have the “non-rooted” operating system Android (Google) or iOS (Apple) without “Jailbreak” and an activated, operational SIM card ensuring that mobile data can be received when accessing a mobile cellular telephone network. Furthermore, the location services (high accuracy) have to be activated on the mobile phone at least from check-in until the completion of the check-out process.

  • You must have activated the application's access to the motion sensors built into the mobile phone and you must have enabled the glimble application to send messages through the application (push notifications).

  • Arriva shall have the right to charge past journeys which were not yet paid from the payment method you stated. If Arriva cannot charge your past journeys, the use of glimble can be blocked. The blocking shall only be lifted after the amounts due have been paid with a valid payment method. In the event of a blocking, your obligation to pay the costs for past journeys that have not yet been paid remains.

  • When using the multiple ticket purchase function, fellow passengers shall ensure that the holder of the mobile phone on which the electronic tickets are available meets all the requirements for the purchase of electronic tickets.

  • You shall be solely liable for the capacity of your smartphone, guaranteeing the technical settings and the proper functionality of the device (including network access and power supply).

  • You shall be responsible for having an operational data connection and activated location services during the check-in and check-out processes as well as for the duration of the journey and you need to guarantee sufficient power supply for the whole duration of the journey.

  • Activation of the power saving mode is not allowed, as this can negatively influence the precision of the localisation collected by the customers’ device.

2. Check-in

  • Location based travelling is working on the principle of checking in and checking out. The capture of travel data begins when the application is opened. By activating the corresponding switch in the application (check-in process) the location is flagged and a purchase contract with Arriva is concluded. The contract is impliedly accepted on behalf of Arriva by providing the ticket in the form of a barcode in the application.

  • The period of validity shall begin upon the completed check-in process and ends with the initiation of the check-out process. The end of the journey has to be confirmed by checking out. Therefore it is not possible to buy electronic tickets valid for a later point in time or date.

  • You shall complete the check-in process within the application on your mobile phone at the station or embarkation point before boarding the means of transportation or before entering the area of ticket requirement at the station.

  • You shall ensure that the chosen travelling class and optionally any applicable permit for reduced fares correspond with the configured settings and any entitlement to a discounted journey. Check-in processes for buying tickets that have been started after boarding the means of transportation, or after having entered the area of ticket requirement, are invalid. The electronic tickets therefor are also invalid in this case and you are deemed to be a traveller without a valid ticket.

  • A successfully completed check-in process and thus the validity of the tickets will be confirmed by the application on the display of the mobile phone. This way you may assume you obtained a valid ticket for your journey.

  • If the check-in process is not possible due to technical issues, a corresponding message is displayed on the mobile phone. In this case, you need to buy a ticket by other means.

3. Check-out

  • You have to initialise the check-out process directly after exiting the means of transportation, respectively after having left the area for which a ticket is required at the station. After finishing the check-out the validity of the tickets ends.

  • In case you need to change the means of transportation to continue to travel, no check-out is necessary, as long as both parts of the journey are offered by the same transport company, or are offered by different associations that all support location based travelling. In that case, checking-out must take place after the entire journey has been completed. It is your obligation to start the check-out process in time. Arriva and the transport companies waive all liabilities for costs that may occur resulting from delayed check-out processes.

  • After you deactivate the switch in the application (check-out process) the application calculates the travel route and the related fare and charges the amount from the payment method you previously selected.

  • It is not possible to extend the period of validity of the tickets after having triggered the check-out process.

  • If there is an interruption of the mobile connection during the journey (after the check-in process) due to technical issues or the non-functioning of the application (e.g., no battery power, system crash) an automatic check-out process is conducted after 15 minutes and the tickets lose their validity. If the operability can be re-established within 15 minutes or the application is working again respectively (e.g., by restarting the system) the tickets stay valid until customers are initiating the check-out process.

  • Deactivation of the location services and activation of the flight mode are not permitted and will result in an immediate automatic check-out process.

  • The tracking of activity and location data ends at the latest five minutes after the completion of the check-out process. The delayed deactivation of tracking is required for fraud prevention and aids the continual improvement of check-out warnings and thus it optimises the services Arriva offers you. The location data obtained by ARRIVA after the check-out will be analysed in an anonymous form only.

  • If due to technical reasons, the check-out is impossible after the journey has ended, you need to contact the Arriva customer support immediately, stating the detailed travel route, the location and time of journey end and the journey ID (if available), on penalty of losing your compensation rights.

  • You are not allowed to delete the electronic copy of the tickets before the end of the journey.

4. Smart Stop

  • The ‘Smart Stop’ feature allows the check-out process to be carried out automatically by the application under certain conditions, for example when you forget to check-out. If you want to make use of this feature, it must be activated manually in the application. Allowing the application to send you notifications is required. You then will receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as the application detects that the public transport journey has ended.

  • The notification contains a link to a timer that shows the remaining time until the automatic check-out event. The timer can be interrupted manually by clicking on the corresponding button in the notification. You can use this feature if you plan to make further journeys by public transport. After clicking the button, your journey recording is continued.

  • If the timer is not interrupted manually, the check-out process is automatically initiated when the timer expires. Thereby, the validity of the tickets expires.

  • In any case, the check-out process remains your responsibility.

5. Non-transferability of electronic tickets

  • The electronic tickets are personal, non-transferable and cannot be forwarded to another mobile phone. Under no circumstance you are allowed to make your mobile phone available to third persons for transport with electronic tickets, except, if applicable, to fellow passengers.

6. Price of electronic tickets

  • The price for tickets bought in the application is based on the check-in and check-out data, the location data obtained and the respective fare conditions.

  • By calculating the fare according tot the applicable fare conditions, we mean that the fare is equal to the price that would otherwise have been charged for it by the transport company. This is the same price as the OV-chipcard fare without a discount or subscription. If you’d prefer to know the exact price of your journey prior to that journey, you can plan and book that journey for information (without paying) in the glimble app.

  • Except to the extent otherwise provided in these ‘glimble user terms and conditions’, the provisions of the transport companies, applicable fare conditions and conditions of transportation respectively of the Direct Traffic shall apply to tickets purchased with the application.

  • It is not possible to amend or exchange electronic tickets after they have been issued. Tickets purchased with the application are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

7. Personal data

  • Personal data collected through Fairtiq AG’s software, is processed in accordance with the privacy policy of glimble.

Performance of the agreement and other conditions

  • When you come to use the right to travel for transport services you have booked, the glimble app may direct you to the transport service concerned. In this case, you may need another app to unlock and lock the vehicle. This is called a companion app. Arriva is not responsible for any bugs or other errors in these apps.

  • If you wish to use a transport service, you may be required to accept the operator’s terms and conditions prior to payment. If so, the operator’s terms and conditions and the glimble Terms of Service both apply. If there are conflicting provisions, the glimble Terms of Service take precedence. This may differ in your direct dealings with the transport operator.

  • If you use public transport with a ticket purchased through glimble, the Urban and Regional Public Transport Terms of Service also apply at all times.

  • If you travel with a ticket that allows you to use public transport services operated by Arriva, the ticket is subject to the E-ticket and Mobile Ticket Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed at

  • A separate transport agreement is made with each carrier you travel with. For example, if you travel with NS, you enter into a transport agreement with NS. If you then also travel with another carrier, you will conclude a separate transport agreement with that carrier. This also applies if you have one Ticket for your journey that also relates to a journey with (another) carrier(s). In that case, the Ticket is not a so-called continuous ticket, but consists of two or more separate transport agreements.

Your obligations

  • Your most important obligation is your payment obligation. You always have to pay this when you make a booking or reservation, unless you have the opportunity to cancel the booking. In that case, Arriva is entitled to charge cancellation costs. The moment at which the payment is debited does not determine whether the payment is due or not. Tickets, for example for public transport, are payable in glimble in advance, upon completion of your booking. Some other services of transport providers are paid per usage in time or in kilometres travelled: you therefore pay these services afterwards. Depending on the provider, you may be charged a reservation fee, deposit or other fee. If this is the case, it will always be clearly communicated to you beforehand.

  • You are never entitled to reverse payments to which you are obliged, or otherwise to suspend your payments. In such a case, your payment will be considered as not having been completed and Arriva will send you a payment reminder after 6 days. If you fail to pay the outstanding debt after repeated reminders, Arriva reserves the right to recover the payment from a third party. The collection costs will then also be recovered from you.

  • When travelling with tickets purchased through glimble, you must carry a valid identity document, such as a passport, identity card or driving licence.

  • Arriva sometimes applies a minimum age for users of the glimble app. You must be at least 18 years old to book shared scooters. You must be at least 21 years old to book a shared car.

  • Transport operators set their own rules for the use of their services. These rules may include provisions concerning due care, liability for damage and theft and/or a penalty policy. Always read these conditions carefully. As a glimble user, you are also required to comply with these conditions in relation to Arriva.

Terms of payment

  • You can buy your travel rights in glimble using one of the payment methods offered in the app. Once you have selected a payment method for shared travel, and we have verified it, you can also use the selected payment method for all your future travel.

  • All payment methods for shared travel require that you agree to the debiting of funds by direct debit. This means that your details will also be used to debit the payment for your future journeys. In the case of OV travel, you can also choose to authorise us by saving your details for a subsequent transaction.

  • Are you under 18 years of age? Then we assume that you have requested permission from your parent or guardian to travel with the glimble app. Your parent's consent then counts as your authorisation to debit payments.

  • The use of a particular type of shared transport may be linked to a mandatory payment method.

  • Tickets for public transport can be bought directly in the app and paid for in advance with iDEAL, PayPal, credit card, Giropay, Sofort or Bancontact. Journeys with shared transport can be paid afterwards by direct debit, credit card, Giropay, Sofort or Bancontact.

Processing of personal data

  • We respect your privacy and treat the personal data we collect with the greatest possible care and in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulations. How we protect your privacy when providing glimble services is explained in our Privacy Statement. Our Privacy Statement explains what data we process, for what purpose, how we protect your data, how long we keep it for and your right to erase your data. Your personal data is always collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

  • With your consent, we collect your travel data in pseudonymised form for research purposes. The research data cannot be traced back to you as a user and therefore no longer qualifies as personal data.

Termination and cancellation

  • You may stop using glimble services at any time.

  • To close your account, please refer to the glimble Privacy Statement. Arriva reserves the right to terminate your use of glimble services with immediate effect and, if necessary, block your account if you:

    • fail to comply with and/or violate these Terms of Service

    • fail to comply with and/or violate terms and conditions imposed by a transport operator providing a transport service you have purchased

  • Once you have booked, and therefore paid for, a journey or part of a journey, it can no longer be changed or cancelled through the glimble app. This can only be done by calling the glimble Customer Service team.

  • Whether you will receive a refund if you cancel a ticket you have paid for depends on the transport operator that made the right to travel available to Arriva. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the transport operator concerned.

  • If you do not cancel a right to travel you have purchased on time, it may mean that the amount paid cannot be refunded. The period allowed for cancellation depends on the right to travel you booked. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the transport operator concerned.

  • If you think you are entitled to a (partial) refund of the purchase price of your ticket for public transport services provided by Arriva, because your bus or train was delayed or cancelled, then the rules on refunds in the event of apply in full. Please refer to the Service & Contact section of the Arriva website. Other public transporters may have their own regulations.


  • Arriva is only liable for damage that can be attributed to it. In all cases and irrespective of the legal basis, Arriva’s liability is limited to direct damage up to a maximum of €250 per damage-causing event.

  • Arriva is not liable for any form of direct or indirect damage or loss resulting from or related to the installation (downloading), use and/or inability to use the glimble app. The app is made available to you without any guarantee whatsoever.

  • Arriva is responsible and liable for generating functional tickets, with which you can make your journey.

  • Arriva is only liable for the loss, deletion or alteration of data you entered in the app, or for other circumstances which may be defined as a data breach, if this was caused by Arriva acting contrary to the relevant legislation and regulations on the protection of personal data. Should it be established in court that Arriva is not entitled to invoke this limitation of liability, then Arriva’s liability is limited to the maximum amount stated in the first bullet point of this paragraph.

  • With the exception of public transport services operated by itself, Arriva is not responsible for the performance of the journey booked through the glimble app. This means that Arriva is not responsible for any type of direct or indirect damage or loss resulting from or related to the journey. Under no circumstances does Arriva accept any liability for damage caused by the travel information provided by the glimble app.

  • In addition to Article 6:75 of the Dutch Civil Code, any failure to comply with its obligations cannot be attributed to Arriva in the event of force majeure, which includes breach of contract by suppliers or third parties, extreme weather conditions, power failures, computer viruses, strikes and walkouts.

  • If as a result of one event multiple users submit a claim for compensation to Arriva and the joint claim exceeds the maximum amount per event stated in the first bullet point, Arriva will settle undisputed claims in proportion to their scope.

  • Any claim you believe you have against Arriva must be submitted to us in writing, irrespective of the legal basis. Arriva must be notified of the claim as soon as possible, and within one year of the date on which the alleged damage or loss occurred, or the moment when you could reasonably have been aware of the damage, at the risk of forfeiture of the claim.

  • Arriva reserves the right to pass on to a third party any claim arising from its agreement with you and may do so in order to collect a debt.

Intellectual property

  • You acknowledge that all glimble services made available to you are protected by intellectual property rights owned exclusively by us or our licensors. This includes but is not limited to any and all copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights and trade names used and/or created during the term of this agreement.

  • We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use these services in accordance with these glimble Terms of Service during the term of this agreement. We reserve the right to terminate this licence at any time at our discretion.

  • Alteration or effacement of any indication of an intellectual property right owned by us and/or a third party in respect of the products and/or services is prohibited.

Applicable law and validity of the glimble Terms of Service

  • These glimble Terms of Service were originally drawn up in Dutch. If these Terms of Service have been translated into another language, the Dutch text takes precedence.

  • We may unilaterally change these glimble Terms of Service at any time. You will be notified of any changes by an update of the glimble app, in which case you will again be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. If you do not wish to accept the changes, your account will remain active but you will no longer be able to use the glimble app. You may then decide to let us close your account. The most recent version of the glimble Terms of Service can be viewed on our website and in the glimble app.

  • Your agreement with Arriva and these glimble Terms of Service are governed by Dutch law.

Correspondence, complaints and disputes

  • You can reach us in the following ways:

    • Telephone: Our Customer Service lines are open from 6.00 to 23.00 on weekdays and 7.00 to 23.00 on weekends and public holidays.

    • In the Netherlands the number is 0800 4446888.

    • If you are calling from Germany, the number is 01801 003551 (calls cost 3.9 cents per minute).

    • If you are calling from Belgium, the number is 02 3420285.

    • Social media: Contact us through Twitter or Facebook.

    • WhatsApp: Add our WhatsApp number to the contacts in your phone.

    • Our WhatsApp number is +31 6 29575686. Our WhatsApp line is open from 6.00 to 23.00 on weekdays and 7.00 to 23.00 on weekends and public holidays. Please note! This mobile number can only be used to contact us through WhatsApp.

    • Post: If you want to write to us, please put your letter in a stamped envelope and send it to:

Arriva Nederland Customer Service Department Postbus 626 8440 AP Heerenveen The Netherlands

  • Complaints may be directed to our Customer Service team, preferably in writing.

  • Arriva will make every effort to resolve any dispute arising between you and Arriva. If we are unable to reach an agreement, the court in Leeuwarden Court has jurisdiction to hear the dispute.