Shared cars

Using car-sharing services is easy with glimble.

Easily use shared cars with the glimble app.

Want to find and rent a shared car in the Netherlands? Glimble can help

How it works

The glimble trip planner can show you travel options that combine public transport with a shared car, or it can just show shared-car rides. You book the car(s) in glimble or in the MyWheels or Greenwheels app that you use to start and end your ride. The app for the car-sharing service will tell you where to park to end your ride.

Locating shared cars

Locating shared cars

MyWheels and Greenwheels have car-sharing stations in many cities in the Netherlands. Tap ‘Stations' in glimble to see at a glance what share cars are available nearby. That way, rather than checking three apps, you only have to check one. Now that’s handy!

The cost of using a shared car

The cost of using a shared car

The cost of your ride is determined by time and duration of the ride. You usually pay per kilometre and by the hour. The cost also depends on the type of car you rent. Check the conditions in the app for the car-sharing service!

Download glimble and find shared cars near you

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