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Enjoy easy public transport with glimble. How do you want to travel? Today it may be public transport, tomorrow a shared bike, scooter or car. With all travel options in one free travel app, glimble has it covered.  Enter your destination in the Netherlands, or in the German or Belgian border area, and glimble will show you travel options to get there. It’s so easy. You can even buy tickets for public transport directly in the app. Glimble is available in 40 languages. 

All forms of transport in the Netherlands. Combined any way you choose

Travel from door-to-door with these modes of transport. Download the glimble app, enter your final destination and check out your travel options. Or filter search results to display your favourite mode of transport.









Reizen zonder OV-chipkaart met glimble

Public transport

Trip planner

The glimble travel planner makes it easy to plan your trip from A to B and buy your public transport ticket directly in the app. The live assistant navigates you to your destination. You receive a signal when you reach your stop.

Trip planner

Buy public transport tickets

In the glimble travel app you buy tickets online for the train, tram, bus and metro for almost all carrier in the Netherlands. Pay easily via, for example, iDEAL.

Buy public transport tickets
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Travel by public transport

Travel with glimble throughout the Netherlands and the Euregion by train, bus, tram and metro. You do not need a OV-chipcard. Your ticket is displayed in the app under 'My Rides'. 

Travel by public transport

Shared transport

Shared bike

Shared bikes are one of the most popular forms of shared transport. There are bike-sharing services everywhere. To find one, plan a trip or tap ‘Near me’ in the app. Before you know it, you will be sailing along on a bike.

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Shared scooter booking via glimble

Shared scooter

There is usually a scooter-sharing service somewhere nearby, especially in urban areas. The glimble app will show you where. Scooters are usually electric, so they are good for the environment.

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Shared car

There are more and more shared cars throughout the Netherlands. Plan your trip in glimble and the travel options will include shared cars.

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Find travel options available nearby. Download the free glimble app and discover how easy door-to-door travel can be!